Tuesday, 17 May 2011

TBAFS 32bit Beta Released

We've released a free beta version of 32bit only TBAFS on the downloads page.

This version will not work on 26bit RISC OS and has only been tested on RISC OS 5.17.

TBAFS is a high performance image file system, with optional squash compression, particularly useful for backups.   Features include long file name support, unlimited files per directory, fast indexed directory structure, and lazy write-back caching.

This version does not include journalling or any kind of internal resilience - so we would not recommend you store anything particularly valuable in it.   It's also a beta version as it's only had limited testing on RISC OS 5.17 and is likely to contain a bug or two.

The write-back cache is great for performance, but bad for resilience if your machine crashes in the middle of writing.  You have been warned!

(!TBAFSFix which can recover files from corrupt images is not currently up to scratch so won't be released until we get some time to test it further)


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