Monday 10 October 2011

TBAFS 26bit Version Released

At the request of a number of people, we've released the original 26bit version of TBAFS for download.

This is version 1.01 as released in 1996.  It has been tested up to RISC OS 3.7 only, although should work on any 26bit version of RISC OS.  The only pre-requisite for older versions of RISC OS is the Acorn toolbox modules.

Sunday 2 October 2011

BASIC VFP Assembler 0.06

An updated release of the BASIC VFP assembler with fixes for bugs reported by Jeffrey Lee:

  • Fixed VLDM/VSTM 16 double register limit
  • Fixed VLD1/VST1 offset options incorrect
  • Fixed VADD.<integer> double word register support
  • Fixed corrupt VFPLib in TBAFS archive
  • Fixed VLDx/VSTx offsets not applied to instruction