Wednesday 6 July 2011

BBC BASIC with VFP/SIMD Assembler Released

Release 0.01 of BBC BASIC with the VFP/NEON (SIMD) assembler is now available to download

This is an Alpha release and is for some initial testing prior to inclusion in the official ROOL source code.   It is supplied in a TBAFS archive (naturally) so you'll need !TBAFS to extract it.  Documentation is included so please refer to that for further information.

After loading the new BBC BASIC module, to use it you simply write VFP/SIMD instructions like you would any other.  You will need to set-up a VFP context using the VFPSupport module before VFP/SIMD instructions will run.  We have included an example of this via a BASIC support library that simplifies this process.

We are just starting to use the VFP/SIMD instruction set to re-write part of TAG.  Our testing of the assembler will continue as this development progresses.