Some links to RISC OS related pages:
The project that has opened up RISC OS for everyone and enticed us back
A Wiki with lots of information and documentation on everything RISC OS
The Beagleboard XM - A great piece of (tiny) hardware that can run RISC OS 5 natively
The spin off from Acorn that can only be described as an astonishing success
RISC OS related news
Peter's excellent You Tube site of classic Acorn games including those from TBA Software

And some not RISC OS related
The best Hybrid Mail system available bar none
Newsletters, mail-shots, postcards, greetings cards, and more, online at very low cost including postage.
Give it a try with £1 free credit.
(Many years of hard work in 'another life')
Dalian is a beautiful city in North East China and a major hub for computer software development
(A second home in recent years)